Birth Control Again…

I can’t believe that here it is 2012 and the GOP/social conservatives are trying to prevent women’s access to healthcare. If you’ve been living under a rock, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka, ObamaCare) mandates that insurance companies must provide women with free birth control if they want it as part of their insurance plans. The GOP & social conservatives of course object.

There are two main parts to this issue that I’d like to comment on. I fired off an angry rant a couple weeks ago but I feel compelled to talk about this some more.

First, social conservatives say that since some people have religious and moral objections to women taking birth control, that there should be some sort of opt out clause. That is, if Blue Cross/Blue Shield is run by a bunch of social conservatives, they shouldn’t be forced to provide women with birth control pills as part of their insurance plan. I call bullshit on that. Paraphrasing Barbara Boxer here but what if some religious nutters objected to people being vaccinated? Should there be some sort of option to allow insurance companies and businesses to not include being vaccinated as part of their insurance package? What if somebody objected to providing obese people with insulin for their diabetes? They weren’t living a good life style after all and they did this to themselves so the employer shouldn’t be forced to provide medical coverage to the fatties; personal responsibility! What if I ran a company and I objected to paying for the insurance of idiots? Not suffering idiots is surely part of my religion!

Why do some people think that “religious freedom” is some sort of magic, get out of free jail card? This is really one of the big problems with religion IMO. A lot of people think that their religion is above criticism and it’s been assigned this special place in our society. I get pretty irritated when people try to use the religious freedom shield to defend some asinine idea. If parents pray for their sick child instead of taking them to the doctor, they should be charged with a crime if the child dies. If old white guys are trying to prevent women’s access to healthcare, they should be called sexist idiots. Religious freedom to some of these people must mean the freedom to force their views on their employees.

Second, this really boils down to teh sex. That is, these people are really upset at the idea that women taking birth control allows women to have sex without the consequences of getting pregnant and that really seems to bother a lot of people. It’s surely a double standard. As I’ve said before, it boils down to slut punishment in my mind. Who are all these horny guys taking Viagra gonna have teh sex with if women abstain from having sex because they don’t want to get pregnant?

In conclusion, I fully support President Obama and the Democrats on this issue. Other people’s religious objections shouldn’t override people’s access to healthcare, period, carriage return, tab.

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