Chick-fil-A and gay marriage

The president of Chick-fil-A, Dan Cathy, recently reiterated his stance against gay marriage. Gretchen Koch had an excellent response .

You aren’t just grateful for what you have. You don’t just support what you have. You condemn what other people have and want to have, and are doing your best to make sure they don’t get it. That goes beyond religious¬†commitment¬†and into bigotry, and we should make no bones about saying so.

That is so well said and I think it’s great. Go read the whole article.

Religious conservatives don’t just want to live their life in the best way they see fit. They want to impose their views onto others who don’t hold their views. Allowing gay people to get married doesn’t prevent religious conservatives from continuing to live the type of life they want or have whatever type of marriage they want. It’s a little irritating when I hear religious conservatives say that gays are trying to force the gay lifestyle onto religious people. As far as I know, no gay people are trying to codify into law the definition of marriage that would only allow people to marry the same sex.

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