Conservative opposition to birth control

What. The. Fuck. People?

Others have written about it a lot better than I could dream but I just wanted to take a minute to jot down my own thoughts.

In my mind, opposition to birth control is rooted in the sex negative idea that people, especially women, should abstain from having sex unless they’re making teh babies. Women taking birth control enables them to have teh evil, dirty sex (sins of the flesh!) without getting pregnant, i.e., the consequences of being a dirty slut.

The difference between the attitudes between men having sex and women having sex is astounding. Just check out our favorite bobble head, Bill O’Reilly tell us why Viagra is a “medical condition” while birth control is a choice.

Got that? Guys that want to get their dick wet but are unable to should be covered because guys fucking is some sort of right. Women wanting to avoid getting pregnant tho… well, they should just choose not to have sex! Makes perfect sense to old white guys!

And of course Congress had a hearing on birth control today. And guess how many of the 10 witnesses were women? Zero!

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