Current Israeli / Gaza Conflict

I ran across a good article about this most recently flare up of the Israeli/Gaza conflict. You should go read it if you’re interested in the topic because it’s good. I wanted to highlight the conclusion (hah, spoiler alert?!?) because it speaks to the whole conflict in my mind and the sooner we can get to a resolution the sooner there will be peace.

Israelis are not going anywhere.  Palestinians are not going anywhere. I would like to state, clearly, definitively, and on record: sustained infrastructural encroachments by the Israeli government have long since precluded a viable two-state resolution to this conflict.

I support a one-state solution for Palestine-Israel–one in which citizenship rights are granted without regard to ethnicity or religion. I believe this is the governmental system commonly known by the term “democracy.”

This. Please. It really goes beyond the normal “but they did this first!” thing that everybody gets bogged down in. This will be the ultimate solution IMO and hopefully that’ll be in my lifetime.

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