David Simon | Barack Obama And The Death Of Normal

I’ve been reading lots of post election stuff and I’ll do my best to keep it at a minimum to avoid gloating but I really love this article and specifically this bit from David Simon. Please go read the whole thing.

Hard times are still to come for all of us. Rear guard actions will be fought at every political crossroad. But make no mistake: Change is a motherfucker when you run from it. And right now, the conservative movement in America is fleeing from dramatic change that is certain and immutable. A man of color is president for the second time, and this happened despite a struggling economic climate and a national spirit of general discontent. He has been returned to office over the specific objections of the mass of white men. He has instead been re-elected by women, by people of color, by homosexuals, by people of varying religions or no religion whatsoever. Behold the New Jerusalem. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a white man, of course. There’s nothing wrong with being anything. That’s the point.

via David Simon | Barack Obama And The Death Of Normal.

Emphasis mine. I love that… it shows the power of what we can do as individuals in a democracy. The entrenched special interests can’t get their way if we vote against them. Yay democracy!

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