Last word on 2012 Election and why I’m voting for Obama

I’ll be voting for President Obama again come November. I’m not a single issue voter but there are a few subjects I’m interested and passionate about.

On social issues, I’m pro-choice, pro-gay rights and I believe in a strict separation of church and state. I’m an atheist but I don’t hold Romney’s Mormonism against him as he doesn’t seem to run on his religion like Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum did.

On economic issues, I’m a Keynesian and I think Keynesian economics is the best way to get us there. All you have to do is look at the period from immediately after WWII to the 1980’s when President Reagan took office and the deregulation craze started. I think President Obama needs more and better stimulus. According to Paul Krugman, the stimulus that we already did was mostly in the form of tax cuts. We need to build stuff like some large public works programs.

I think the conservative fantasy, that all the US economy needs is for businesses to have less taxes and fewer regulations is laughable and not supported by any historic evidence. Unless you consider the boom and bust cycle of the last 32 years to be desirable. When you repeal regulations like Glass-Steagall, you get bubbles and financial crisis. Tax rates are already the lowest they’ve been since the 1950’s(1). In fact, businesses are doing pretty great but employment continues to suffer.

Nor do I think that government is the root of all our problems and all we need is less government and everything would be super dandy. Government has an important role to play in our society and our economy.

On foreign policy issues, there really is no difference between the parties other than Mr. Romney says he wants a bigger military. Obama has been no different than President Bush and that’s the biggest tragedy of his term. Where is the peace party? If there were a party that advocated a modest foreign policy, I’d seriously consider them if they weren’t bat shit crazy on the rest of the issues (looking at you Paulbots).

So that’s it… I’ll try my best to keep my pie hole shut for the rest of the election season. What are some of the important issues to you?

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