On Tennessee State Elections or We’re All Doomed

I heard on the radio this morning that the Tennessee state legislature has gone even more Republican and now they have a mega-majority. That sounds ominous. Basically that means that even if the few Democrats that hold a seat walk out, the Republicans still have enough seats to pass whatever legislation they want.

Our state is sooo red that it’s down right depressing. In the last session the TN legislature was really concerned about gateway sexual activities, teaching creationism in our public school classrooms and forcing employers to allow employees to bring guns to work.

What is a liberal atheist+ or people who are just not bat shit crazy supposed to do? The Tennessee Democratic Party seems completely disorganized. I want to be involved in making a change but maybe I’m pretty naive. Maybe Tennessee is just so backwards conservative that I’m wasting my time and energy thinking about it.

Liberals and moderates, what can we do to make sure our voices are heard at the state level? Local politics affects us a lot more than national politics do but I feel that we pay even less attention to them and that allows a dedicated minority of ultra, church going conservatives to drive our agenda. What can we do? That’s a serious question btw… not rhetorical.. if you have a suggestion, please throw it out there!

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