Congratulations President Obama

Photo and graphic by jeannerene
Photo and graphic by jeannerene

Whew. I’m relieved that President Obama won. I’m proud that I voted for President Obama even though it felt like a bit of a throw away vote casting a vote for the President in such a solidly red state (TN) and I’m proud of our country. I think the President has made a significant impact on our economy. I think we’ll see a continued, steady improvement of the economy. I think his stances on social issues are the correct ones for our country and presents freedom for everybody. I wish he was better on human rights. I wish he was better on foreign policy too. I think he wants to be bi-partisan but the Tea Party types in the house, the ultra partisans, won’t let him. I want him to be bi-partisan but not at the expense of having to negotiate away the principles that are important to the people who elected him.

I’m not interested in gloating about the victory (I didn’t have anything to do with it after all) nor am I interested in rubbing the noses of conservatives in the victory. I want our country to come together. I want the GOP to have principled stances but I hope they don’t just continue their obstruction of the President’s agenda. Everything I read predicts more of the same but I hope they’re all wrong.

Governor Romney’s concession speech struck me as the most sincere he’s been for this entire campaign. If that person had figured out a way to run I think the result might have been different. I wish Governor Romney and his family the best; I bet they’re all relieved that it’s over.

What does this mean for the GOP? It’s not hard to predict that they’ll all say it’s because Mr Romney wasn’t conservative enough. I’m no election expert but I wonder how it would have turned out different if the conservative base would have been really energized. I tend to think (or just want to believe) that a candidate that would turn out more of the base would have turned off more of the moderates and independents.

It’s 12:31am so apologizes for my rambling post. Go President Obama and Go USA! I’m proud of our country.

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