Same Sex Marriage

President Obama
President Obama by DWinton, on Flickr

This is OFN now but President Obama has finally come out in support of same sex marriage yesterday. I’m very proud of our President and our country.

My main complaint is that President Obama thinks it’s a state’s rights issue. If the President believes that this is a right and same sex couples should have the same rights as hetro couples, then I don’t see how it shouldn’t be treated exactly as other civil rights issues have been treated. If Tennessee wanted to ban interracial marriage or prevent women from voting, the federal government wouldn’t allow that sort of discrimination. Why should it be different for same sex marriage?

The religious conservative argument isn’t a very good one. If a person believes in traditional marriage then by all means, marry somebody who believes the same way and have your traditional marriage! Nobody is try to prevent you from having that! The way somebody else decides to live their life or have their own marriage/relationship doesn’t affect you.  If I may quote Seth Rogen:

Claiming that someone else’s marriage is against your religion is like being angry at someone for eating a donut because you’re on a diet.

Stop trying to impose your morals onto other people. I think my head will explode if I hear somebody saying that preventing same sex marriage is part of their religious freedom.

I believe this announcement will energize the bases of both parties. I worry that it’ll energize the religious conservative base more than the people who supports President Obama on this issue. Yes, there are issues that I disagree with President Obama on (foreign policy, Patriot Act, Bush Tax Cuts, military spending) but we have to support the President on this issue. If you believe in women’s rights, marriage equality and having a good public safety net then there really is no other choice.

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