We just need to give teachers guns!

So even though I called it on the day of the shooting, it took until today until I saw the “we just need more people with guns” argument in response to the shooting in CT.

There’s a fantasy by gun supporters that they can have a gun battle with an attacker like some sort of wild west shoot out. Yes it’s true, there are cases where a citizen successfully has a shootout with criminals but there are also lots of accidental shootings like this and this. I’m not sure how I could prove it but I bet there’s a lot more accidental shootings than there are successful shootouts with criminals. More people carrying guns has the opposite effect of making the public more safe.

It’s worth pointing out that Nancy Lanza was the mother of the shooter, a teacher at Sandy Hook and guns were her hobby, which perfectly illustrates my point that access to firearms is the problem, not the solution.

It’s true that if you banned guns tomorrow that there wouldn’t be a big drop off in gun related crime the next day but what about decades or generates down the road? Do people really think there’s no correlation between gun crime and gun laws in other countries? Just because gun laws wouldn’t prevent 100% of all gun crime, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to have gun laws. Using that logic, we shouldn’t have laws against murder either because people are going to do it anyway.

The 2nd Amendment doesn’t say we have a right to M-16 assault rifles and large magazine semi-automatic handguns. What if there were laws against the ownership, manufacture and import of certain types of weapons? What if we regulated the import and sale of ammunition? Bolt action hunting rifles and .38 caliber revolvers are “arms” too.

It’s obvious to me that easy access to guns is the problem. A lot of people seem to think that having more people carry more guns is the solution. I think they’re deluded.

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