RE: Parental complaints over Tennessee textbooks set stage for legislative debate

Have you guys seen this article on the Tennessean?

Claudia Henneberry, a retired teacher from Franklin and activist in the tea party-affiliated 9.12 Project, zeroed in on a book called “American Government and Politics Today,” among others. A few of her issues with it:

• The book says “early colonists were intolerant of religious beliefs that did not quite conform to (their own).” She says the early colonists risked their lives to come to the new world for religious freedom and tolerance.

• She claims that capitalism is portrayed as unfair and the wealthy as greedy.

• She alleges that white, Protestant, conservative and Southern people are described negatively, pointing to the phrase “The White South” to describe the South and objecting to this passage: “The Democratic Party (after the 1950s) … advocated racial integration and other civil rights policies that drove white, Protestant, Southern voters who opposed these initiatives away.”

These people make me angry and I want to do something to show the lawmakers and let the education administrators know that everybody in TN is not like these Tea Party nutters.  I have kids in public schools in TN and I do not support what these people are doing.

  • Early colonists came to the new world to escape religious persecution but that doesn’t mean they were automatically tolerant of others.
  • Capitalism is unfair and favors the wealthy, especially the flavor that we’re practicing today.
  • White Protestant, conservatives Southern people in the 50’s are described negatively because they were a bunch of racists and there’s still plenty of that in the South today.  That behavior should be described negatively because it’s a terrible way to be!


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