SharePoint 2013 Sorry, you can’t create a new item with Quick Edit because this view is missing one or more required columns. To create a new item, please click “New Item” or add required columns to this view.

I have this really annoying issue with SharePoint 2013 and searching the web hasn’t come up with an answer yet.

I’m unable to create new items in a custom list. I get the following error message:



Sorry, you can’t create a new item with Quick Edit because this view is missing one or more required columns. To create a new item, please click “New Item” or add required columns to this view.

If I modify the view and add Name (for use in forms) to the view, I’m then able to add a value to the column and SharePoint allows me to create a new record. It doesn’t seem to matter what I enter into the Name field when adding the record as it replaces my value automatically.



I checked the Columns setting for the list and there’s no Name column listed for me to remove the Required setting from!



Uhm, so what gives? Why can’t I add new records to a custom list using Quick Edit mode? It works fine if I click the New button and use the form.

This is a new custom list on SharePoint 2013 SP1.

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    1. I did.

      In short, open the site in SharePoint Designer. Click Lists and Libraries, click “Edit list columns” in the Customization section. Find Name in the list then click Administration Web Page on the toolbar. Change the required status to optional or hidden depending on what you need.

      The optional status isn’t there depending on what content type your task lists have in it but if you’re able to reduce the content types in your task list to the basic task list, it should give you the option to make name optional… or at least it did for me.

      I’m going off memory so apologies if some of the exact menus or names are a little off.

  1. I bumped into this problem with a list with a custom list content type. I needed to add about 1500 rows of data to the list.

    Here’s what worked for me:

    1) Created the list, applied the content type and added a single item.
    2) Set the Title on the Item content type to Optional
    3) Added the Title column (linked to item with the edit menu) to the view as the first column <–This is important
    4) Export the list to an Excel spreadsheet. This creates a table.

    5) I had an original spreadsheet containing all of the data so I had to copy/paste my original data into the new Excel spreadsheet that was exported making the added data part of the table.

    6) Since I had no data for the Title field in the first column, I just copied whatever was in Column B but it really does not matter what goes in there as long as its something.

    Then I was able to copy data from the table in my Excel spreadsheet into the list via Quick Edit without getting the error. It may be a round-about way of getting it to go but it worx (numerous times).

    The trick is that even though the Title column was not chosen as the view and set to optional, it is baked into the List content type.

    If it was a Library, the Name column is baked into the Document content-type so you would have to add the Name column initially and then remove it from the view later.

  2. I don’t even have ‘Name’ listed when I go to “Edit list columns”. Not sure why I am getting this message, we have been inserting into this table for a while.

  3. The actual reason for this error is due to columns missing that are listed as “required.” It may not be the “Task Name” column, as indicated above. The more you customize your NEW TASK page, the more likely you are to receive this issue.

    To resolve, ensure that any MANDATORY fields on the NEW TASK page are included as columns on the task view.

  4. Just a quick detail for those who do not see the Name field in SharePoint designer and, thus, cannot get to its Administration page.

    The internal name of the field is FileLeafRef

    So, if you open the Administration page for any of the other fields (for example Title) in the SAME list, simply change the ?field=Title to ?field=FileLeafRef

    Before: https:///sites//_layouts/15/FldEdit.aspx?field=Title&List={########-####-####-####-############}

    After: https:///sites//_layouts/15/FldEdit.aspx?field=FileLeafRef&List={########-####-####-####-############}

  5. I believe you need to change “Allow management of content types?” in Advanced Settings to “No”.

    I had this issue too, but when I made this change it worked for me to load thousands of rows of data even though there was no “title” or “name” field/data.

    1. Thanks Robert, that worked.
      Looks like content management infringes Task’s requirements for obligatory/optional fields.

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