Home Automation

I’ve been thinking a lot about home automation lately. Being able to control my house via my phone is very appealing to me. Imagine, saying “Hey Siri, let’s go to sleep” and a bunch of actions happening as a result. The doors lock, the thermostat turns to the appropriate level, the dishwasher starts, any lights left on are turned off, the alarm is set. Image that your house can detect when you leave and can automatically set all appropriate things (lights, locks, alarms, temp) too.

As I look at trying to do some piecemeal home automation, I’ve found that the cost will add up quickly. As I think about it more, I think it seems kind of dumb to spend that kind of money on the ability to turn off my lights with my phone because I’m too lazy to get up and turn the switch. If I really think about that angle a lot, it seems kind of gross and obscene… I’m thinking of spending all this money on controlling my house with my phone when there are lots of people in the world who are food insecure. That’s right, people are literally starving to death while I setup the app that will allow my lights to flash a certain pattern depending on who just texted me. Ugh. I have to be careful with that line of thinking because it could apply to just about everything I spend my disposable income on. Tattoo? Yep, kid just died somewhere. Expensive bike light? You got it, dead baby.

So anyhoo, those are my random thoughts on home automation. It would be call as a shit though. 😉

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