RE: Verizon tells Congress to rein in FCC’s power over Internet providers

This just irritates the living hell out of me. And by pass a bill that protects the open Internet, he actually means pass a bill that allows ISPs to use their position as an ISP to make their services better while artificially degrading competitors services.

If I pay Comcast for access to the Internet, why does Comcast get to degrade my service to Netflix until Netflix pays Comcast for access to me? Can Comcast charge me more for access to Netflix so that I’m having to pay my Netflix bill and I’m having to pay for the “premium” Internet package? Don’t forget your overage charges! But the magical hand of the market will fix all our problems the free market capitalists say. My only other option in my area is AT&T which is slower speeds and is just as slimy and dirty as Comcast. Why can’t Nashville have a EPB style citywide fiber network? Where’s my 1 gig service or even 100  meg service?

The most irritating thing is how the issue is framed by the anti-net neutrality crowd; a government takeover of the Internet!

…Verizon, which sued the last time the FCC passed net neutrality rules, urged Congress to “pass a bill that protects the open Internet in a way that avoids the collateral damage that will result from the FCC’s actions.”

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