Far Right Says they love Constitution, yet doesn’t seem to understand it.

I read about some protestors in Nashville. Here’s a fun quote.

“I’m a United States veteran and a citizen of North Carolina, which is in the United States,” Hoyle says. “I swore an oath to defend the Constitution, and the Constitution says nothing about marriage, and a court can’t decide on marriage. No judge can make a law. A judge cannot rule against the people. We’re for natural marriage.”

Multiple issues here really. The Constitution doesn’t say anything about marriage but the Fourteenth Amendment does have an important concept called the Equal Protection Clause. In short, if there are laws then those laws apply equally to all no matter their gender, race, religion or sexual orientation.

Actually, a judge can rule against the people. What if a liberal state decided to vote and say that religious people can no longer protest against gay people getting married? Well, that law would be appealed and eventually ruled as unconstitutional no matter if everybody in California wanted.

Natural marriage is an oxymoron. I’d say there are probably more examples of homosexuality in nature than there are examples monogamy.

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