The difference between George Washington and Robert E Lee

Trump is awful. To listen to him draw a moral equivalence between Nazis and counter protesters protesting against Nazis and to realize this man is the President of our country and was freely elected there on purpose by people who think like him just feels like a huge punch in the gut. He wants to hyper analyze and focus on the specifics actions in the park instead of looking at the overall broader context of what’s happening.


Are we going to take down statues to George Washington? He was a slave owner too, right?

The hosts on this podcast I listen to in the mornings were making this point but I think it’s important enough to repeat here. The difference between George Washington/Thomas Jefferson and Robert E Lee is that the former made it their purpose to build and lay the foundation of our country. Robert E Lee wasn’t just a slave owner. He made it his career and purpose to try to tear our country asunder who’s outcome would have been to institutionalize slavery for longer.

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