Re: Most Americans Are Against U.S. Becoming More Politically Correct : NPR

Fifty-two percent of Americans, including a majority of independents, said they are against the country becoming more politically correct and are upset that there are too many things people can’t say anymore.

I was cruising my news feeds this morning and this article┬áhas got stuck in my craw. I’d love to see the demographics of who independent voters in the US actually are. My impression is that these are low info voters who are not especially principled or informed on politics. These are the people who say shit like “I vote for the man, not the party” without realizing how stupid they’re being.

The next time I’m around a person saying something like this I’m going to ask them to list the things that they can’t say anymore because of political correctness.

“I think the big problem this country has is being politically correct,” then candidate-Trump said during a Republican primary debate, adding “and I don’t, frankly, have time for total political correctness, and to be honest with you, this country doesn’t have time, either.”


We don’t have time for total political correctness? I think a big part of the disconnect is that we’re not talking about the same thing. Progressives mean that we shouldn’t use slurs based on race, sex, sexual orientation etc to describe people. So when we read the quote above it’s outrageous to us that people think they don’t have time to pause, just for a second, to consider other people’s points of view and identity.

Conservatives of course focus on the ridiculous, non-existent parts of this idea that has been weaponized against the Left. A good example is gender neutral ginger bread cookies narrative. Rebecca Watson does a great job of responding to this so I encourage you to just go read her take on it.

I’m completely looking forward to seeing conservatives post images of their gendered ginger bread cookies with giant dicks swinging so they can pwn some libtards.


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