Re: Why Lower Broadway Isn’t Closed to Traffic (when it should be)

There are no signs that often congested, sometimes chaotic Lower Broadway will close to traffic anytime soon, despite persistent chatter about the prospects of Nashville following the lead of other cities with concentrated entertainment districts. Honky-tonk owners say closing the street to east-west traffic would hurt business and lead to more crime, though some favor more closures on weekend nights.

I often talk about this idea… closing downtown below 5th to traffic on the weekends. I don’t quite understand the “lead to more crime” thing… that just doesn’t make any sense to me.

“We would fight that tooth and nail until the end of time to make sure that does not happen to Lower Broadway. The second that happened you would start seeing the whole street start to diminish. It would be devastating to our tourism and what we’ve built as an iconic environment,” said Brenda Sanderson, owner of several Lower Broadway honky-tonks including Second Fiddle and Nashville Crossroads.

What? How would it diminish tourism? Do you think people are pulling up in their cars and parking in front of your business now? Give me a break. People are already parking blocks away and walking to the honky tonks. The traffic on lower broadway now is cabs and people cruising through to see the sights.

“It was horrible for the businesses on the street because what happens is you lose control of that safety factor that is so important to all of us,” Sanderson said.

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