So, I’m going to work on becoming a developer

I currently work as a Systems Administrator supporting SharePoint. My official job title is SharePoint Engineer. That job includes design, installation, server support and some tier 3 user support.

I can see the writing on the wall at my current company that there’s a push to move the on premises SharePoint environments to Office 365 / SharePoint Online. Additionally, they intend to outsource the management of the Office 365 tenant to a third party company.

I really enjoy managing the infrastructure pieces (design, build, maintain) but the favorite part of my job is developing automation scripts with PowerShell.  I believe I’m being presented with an opportunity to change career paths as I think supporting infrastructure will be something that fewer companies will elect to do. So, why not take this opportunity to try to get into a career doing something I really love?

With that in mind, I’ve decided to dedicate myself to becoming a developer. My intent is to follow this guide to teach myself the skills I need and to find a job actually coding.

I think I’ll probably have to take a step back in salary to switch career tracks as I’m pretty senior in the systems administration track. If I go slow and spend the next year learning the skills and paying down debt then I could be in a position to take a job for less money but with more satisfaction.

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