Understanding Trump’s campaign violations

I recently learned that the Obama 2008 campaign was fined $375,000. If you’ve been under a rock recently, Trump is an un-indicted co-conspirator for making illegal payments to keep Stormy Daniels quiet, a violation of campaign finance laws.

So this morning, I’m trying to understand why Obama was only fined but Trump is being accused of a felony. This post will be my resource for understanding the issue.

From the Snopes article linked below but this seems to be the main difference that makes what Trump did a felony and what the Obama campaign did just a fine by the FEC:

Not only does the matter have to be something that is purposeful, but it [also has to be] a major violation. People often have reporting violations [and] that’s what the Obama ones were determined to be.

In [Cohen’s] case, what [the Department of Justice] determined is that there was a criminal intent to hide a campaign contribution … and so, it falls within a criminal violation, as opposed to just a civil one to be enforced by the FEC.

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