40 Before 40

I turn 40 on August 30th, 2013. This will be a list of 40 things that I will try to accomplish before then. Wish me luck. 😉

Edit 02/03/2014: Well I missed my target date and it made me feel like a failure so I just quietly unpublished the page. A friend inspired me to continue working on the list so I’m bringing it back.

    1. Hike every section of the Cumberland Trail(6/13)
      1. Grassy Cove Segment
      2. Stinging Fork Falls
      3. Piney River Segment
      4. Three Gorges Segment – Soddy Creek Section
      5. Three Gorges Segment – Possum & Rock Sections (hiked two sections here!)
    2. Complete 5 Races (0/5)
    3. Complete a 5k in under 30 minutes
    4. Run an 8 minute mile (11:51 is best time to date but I haven’t run a timed mile since August 29th)
    5. Read one book/fortnight
    6. Become debt free except for the mortgage ($13,501.70 to go!)
    7. Purchase a bike. Done!
    8. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day for 30 days straight (30/30) Complete!
    9. Complete myfitnesspal logs for 30 days straight (30/30) Complete!
    10. Get my passport
    11. Go on an art crawl
    12. Try 10 new beers (8/10)
    13. Try 10 new wines (3/10)
    14. Attend 1 networking event per month (I’m failing miseribly at this)
    15. Get personal business cards
    16. Visit 5 museums (2/5)
    17. Host a Sunday grilling for the neighbors
    18. Complete Code Year Javascript course
    19. Go a month without caffeine
    20. Kayak a river
    21. Go on a 2 night backpacking trip
    22. Hike Mt LeConte again Complete!
    23. Go to my first professional hockey game
    24. Go to my first professional basketball game
    25. Go to my first professional baseball game
    26. Learn to swim… really swim.
    27. Complete 100 push ups in a single session
    28. Complete 100 sit ups in a single session
    29. Complete 5 pull ups
    30. Go on an adult vacation with my wife, Jen Harley Complete!
    31. Attain goal weight of 210 lbs (12lbs/70lbs)
    32. Go to a shooting range
    33. Go to Titans training camp Complete!
    34. Go to a Titans home game
    35. Complete my Darwin Sleeve Tattoo
    36. Go to see a symphony play
    37. Go to a play


  1. Learn to ballroom dance
  2. Go to an atheist/skeptic conference
  3. Call 1 family member a week (0/64) (I’m really failing at this)

What are some things that would be on your list?

I saw this idea of on Samantha’s blog, faint gray lines.

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