Net Worth: August 2012 +9.3%


Becoming debt free on everything except for the mortgage is goal #6 on my 40 before 40 list. These monthly net worth posts are my attempt to shine a bright light on what is otherwise a dirty little secret; finances.

August wasn’t a great month for us from a spending perspective. We still weren’t as disciplined as we need. I was sloppy on managing the day to day cash flow so we had some over draft charges and those things will eat you up in a hurry. We also spent way too much on dining out again this month ($498.26!). Compared to last month, we did manage to cut our dining out spending by 1/3rd though.


Looking at the forecast for this month, we should have a pretty great month from a net worth perspective if we’re able to be gazelle intense. We need to stay within our “fun money” budget and get larger buffers in the accounts for when we overspend so my two goals for September are: $150 for the month on dining out and $0 for the month on over draft fees.

So yes, we did manage to gain 9.3% in net worth but it felt like we were just treading water. There is a lot of low hanging fruit in our budget and we have to be more disciplined.

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