Net Worth: October 2012 +75.15%


Becoming debt free on everything except for the mortgage is goal #6 on my 40 before 40 list. These monthly net worth posts are my attempt to shine a bright light on what is otherwise a dirty little secret: finances.

We continued to cruise along at a decent clip in October, despite spending entirely too much money on a trip to the Smokies. Jen’s Dad and step-mom rented a cabin in the Smokies in October and invited us along. It was a fall break/birthday celebration for Tyler/fun hiking vacation that we thoroughly enjoyed. We weren’t obligated to spend any money but we did have to get ourselves there obviously and we also pitched in with some of the expenses by purchasing the wine etc. Grand total, we spent $394.30 on the trip. We really enjoyed the trip and having the opportunity to spend some quality time with Jen’s family but it’s a nice little lesson on how easy it is to spend money.

Dining out for October was a wash from last month; $344.58 compared to $359.25. Still, I want to do better in this area but I’m kind of resigned to the idea that I just need to budget enough. Having a realistic budget is more useful than lying to myself about a budget that we can’t stick to.


Looking forward, November is looking like a good month for us. We’ll continue to grow the savings and pay down debt. We should definitely break into the positive side of the ledger on net worth.

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