Net Worth: September 2012 +51.31%


Becoming debt free on everything except for the mortgage is goal #6 on my 40 before 40 list. These monthly net worth posts are my attempt to shine a bright light on what is otherwise a dirty little secret; finances.

September was a much better month for us than August. We continued to pay down debt, settled an account in the “bad debt” category and even saved up tiny bit of money. Wooo!

We¬†still¬†spent entirely too much on dining out. In fact, we spent more on dining out ($359.25) than we did on groceries ($338.60). This is just something we have to be more disciplined with. I’ve been trying that method and it doesn’t seem to be working but I’m going to try harder. I feel that if I just keep taking swings at it that eventually, we’ll get it. I’d be curious to know how we compare to other families in the dinning out vs groceries categories.


Looking forward to next month, it seems we’re on track to have another good month. We’ll grow our small savings and continue to pay down our normal debts. I think we might even break into the positive side of the ledger for net worth.

Looking even further down the road, the plan is to get our $1,000 baby, emergency savings in place, save up a bit before Christmas and then start hacking away at the bad debt category. We have $13,774 to pay off before next August 30th (my birthday) but I think we can do it. We improved our net worth by $1,440 this month and there is still lots of slack in our budget. I’m very optimistic about how things are going.

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