Net Worth: November 2012

2012-08-07_1701Becoming debt free on everything except for the mortgage is goal #6 on my 40 before 40 list. These monthly net worth posts are my attempt to shine a bright light on what is otherwise a dirty little secret: finances.

I realized last month that I haven’t been focusing on an important piece of my financial picture. I’ve been focusing on net worth without highlighting my debt levels (which is my actual goal!). I’ve fixed that this month and I’m also trying out a different format.

Total Debt ($13,277.20) (-1.66%)

As I think about the rest of the year, I realize that we’re not going to be making any extra payments towards our debt other than the “normal” payments. With the holidays coming up, our disposable income is going towards Christmas. There probably won’t be any significant movement here until after the new year.


Our current, non-mortgage debt is $13,277.20 which is just $225 lower than last month for a -1.66%.

Net Worth (-$594) (-75%)

Our net worth took a hit this month as we’ve spent some of our Christmas club savings on Christmas gifts.


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