Bookmarks for April 17th through April 18th

These are my links for April 17th through April 18th:

  • No Savings Found in Florida Welfare Drug Tests – – Ushered in amid promises that it would save taxpayers money and deter
    drug users, a Florida law requiring drug tests for people who seek
    welfare benefits resulted in no direct savings, snared few drug users
    and had no effect on the number of applications, according to recently
    released state data.
  • Brandi and Russel Bellew, Parents, Lose Children After Son Dies Due To ‘Faith Healing’ – After 16-year-old Austin Sprout lost his life when his parents, Brandi and Russel Bellew, opted for prayer instead of medical treatment, their remaining six children are now wards of the state, the Register-Guard reports.
  • My Trousers and Airport Security | Jack of Kent – “I bet this makes you feel safer?” he says.
    “Actually, it doesn’t. Either security required me to take my trousers off, or it does not. Either my bag is too unsafe to travel, or it is not. I think this just shows bad decision-making. Bad decision-making by security does not make me feel safe.”

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2 thoughts on “Bookmarks for April 17th through April 18th

  1. I always hate when I see the right wing converts to Ron Paul cheering that Florida development of drug testing for welfare. It SOUNDS like it is a common sense solution as most people don’t like the idea of a welfare state, but it’s just one more chip away from the block that makes up our constitutional freedoms. First they’re taking drug tests, but then it gets uncovered that they’re saving blood type information, maybe even DNA profiles… long slippery slope.

  2. I have two main reasons for being against drug testing of welfare recipients.

    First, it doesn’t seem save any money. My anecdotal evidence is that most conservatives think that welfare people are mostly drug using lowlifes and this is a way to get them kicked off.

    Second, welfare is mostly for the kids. Kicking addict parents off welfare hurts the kids most and they’re the people who need the help the most.

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