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Boston Marathon: What if all personnel had gps enabled, personal dvrs?

In the wake of the bombings at the Boston Marathon I’ve been listening to the radio and reading about the bombings. One of the early reports described how one of the bombs was pretty close to a security guard who was scanning the crowd. If the bomber didn’t look suspicious  then there’s no reason for the security guard to remember the bomber at all so I’m not trying to fault the guard.

But what if all security personnel at the event wore a Google glass type device that recorded everything during their shift? What if these devices were GPS enabled and all of the video was download into a server and that data could then be datamined? For instance, show me all video from all devices that occured between 1:00pm and 3:00pm at coordinate X.

This nerdy idea has been bouncing around in my head for a few days and I hope typing it out will make it stop. 😉

Future Police

Oregon State Police (AJM NWPD)
Oregon State Police (AJM NWPD) by AJM STUDIOS, on Flickr

So I have this killer commute which affords me the chance to listen to lots of talk radio, audio books and to day dream about stuff. My imagination has been cultivating this idea about/for the police department. What if each squad car was this passive sensor out in the world? By that I mean, what if each police car was equipped with cameras and were sophisticated enough to automatically read every license plate that the cameras could see and to log those plates with a time and location? If you take this idea a step further, you could even have the system perform a quick check to see if that particular plate or car is reported as stolen or if the registered owner of the vehicle is wanted for anything. This system would work without any intervention from the officer in the car. If the system came up with a stolen car based on a license plate it scanned, the system would alert the officer and he could proceed from there.

I wonder if this could also help in investigations? Imagine a suspected killer being investigated… an investigator could look up the suspect in the system and it’s possible that the killers car was scanned by a police officer on routine patrol just a block from a crime scene on the night of the murder.

I realize that this has all sorts of problems from a privacy perspective and is pretty big brotherish but that’s a detail; I’m an idea guy. 😉