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Best weekend in a while…

I had a shitty week last week. It was a combination of not cycling, the amount of darkness in the 24 hour period this time of year and trying to share a car between two working adults.

Had an off week and this is what I'm doing about it.
My Friday night

Friday night, Jen worked late so I just sat on the sofa, drank alcohol and played on the Internet. It might sound pathetic but it was actually pretty enjoyable.

Saturday I was out and about on the bike. Coffee at a very crowded Red Bicycle coffee shop followed by hanging out at the bike shop and a long lunch and great discussions with the Green Fleet guys filled most of my day. After that, we rode over to watch the cannons go boom!

We then spent the rest of the evening up in Kentu… err, Hendersonville with a large group of our friends; dranking and werewolf and such. It was truly a great time.

Sunday, my brother and I tailgated with Lucy before the Titans-Jets game. I hadn’t planned on getting drunk but Lucy’s kung fu is strong. After shotgun beer lessons and moonshine lime shots, we walked over and enjoyed the game from the excellent execute suite – I won tickets from work. They had free food, drinks and alcohol. I clutched my ticket like a shield every moment in case somebody tried to kick us out because I felt so out of place. #lowclass

I've had worse seats
First series… look at the packed stadium!
I locked my bike to this but didn't notice the sign until after. Oops.
I locked my bike to this but didn’t notice the sign until after. Oops.

I had to leave right at the end of the 3rd qtr because I needed to fix the flat on my bike then bike 20 minutes to Jen’s work for the ride home because we had to get ready for her work Christmas party!

More convo, drinks and food! I think our table was the coolest as we had the lesbians and the guy with the bolo tie.

My great weekend helped me forget about my shitty week. Moar weekends like that please but I need to rest for a while first.

Morning, Internet: 08/06

Yesterday evening was much-needed. We cooked dinner at home (tofu and vegetables in peanut sauce) and I fixed lunches for the rest of week. Yay for being prepared!

Biked into work this morning and saw two other bicycle commuters on the way- rare for Nashville. It’s supposed to be pretty hot today (95 for a high) so that makes for a fun ride home.

Continuing to learn more and more about powershell at work. It’s pretty fun and feels a lot more like programming than the old DOS batch files. I’ve built a script that prompts for input, replaces spaces with underscores in that input then builds some document libraries. Next, it builds some user groups, assigns permissions and sets some content types on the libraries. Today I plan to add the building of the views for all three libraries.

Morning, Internet: 08/04

Good morning. We’re about to head over to Vandy for Jen’s last infusion. I’m telecommuting today so that I can go with her on this last visit; we’re excited.

I didn’t bike to work yesterday. I’ve felt melancholy for the last couple days and I just wasn’t feeling it, at all. The last couple weekends have just been packed with activities and I feel a little out of control. I did manage to do the laundry between the activities but that was it. No grocery shopping or other chores so I didn’t have anything to take for lunch for Monday. I ended up just getting a couple egg white delight mcmuffins for breakfast. I ate from the snack machine at work for lunch which means kit kats and Funyuns. Yay? We did finally shop yesterday so now I just have the normal excuse of being lazy for not making lunch stuff to take for work.

Endeavoring to do better…

Friday bike and thangs 04/25/14

Quick hits

  • I’ve had bicycle touring on my brain lately and the photo below really appeals to me.
  • The weather has been great and my miles on the bike (300 miles in April so far) and my happiness levels have been up because of it.
  • I’m participating in the National Bike Challenge. If you ride a bicycle, you should too.
  • I’ve started using Strava to record my rides. Let’s be friends.
Photo by Heather McGrath
Photo by Heather McGrath

A driver misjudged our speeds and failed to correctly anticipate the turn in. Being a gentleman, I allowed the lady to go ahead of course.

Thoughts on clean sheets

I love clean sheets. I also love the way the carpet looks right after vacuuming. I love the way the kitchen looks when all of the dishes are put away, everything is clean; my world seems in order. I love when all of the clothes are clean and everything is put away. I think I’m just one impulse away from spending a Sunday afternoon of doing chores in the buff because at the end, I’ll sit perfectly still in my chair and I’ll know that my universe is perfectly in order.

Checking in 02/28/14

Left sleeve
Tattoo by Safe House Tattoos

So yeah… I’m not sure why I persist on wanting to write on my blog. I think I’m more in love with the idea of writing regular blog posts and journal than I am of actually doing it. Here are some quick hits.

  • I’ve been working on my left sleeve and Monday was my second session. We did a day of the dead girl with a skull and roses. One more full session to go at least with the chance of a second session to tighten everything up.
  • Because of the tattoo, I drove to work all week so that means I haven’t rode my bike since Sunday when I did 27 miles. I didn’t mind having an excellent excuse to skip the cold weather.
  • Work has been going really well lately. I’ve felt really focused and productive. I love when that happens.
  • I’m heading down to Mardi Gras Y’all in Nashville tomorrow. If you have boobs, come find me because I’ll have beads.

Friday bike and thangs 01/31

Since I’ve been cycling to work, I feel that I’m more in tune with nature because I have to be. I’m out in the elements and I have to be aware of the weather forecast. I understand what it means to be outside for an extended period of time in 3 degree weather. I know how many clothes to wear on my bike in 17 degree weather vs 33 degree weather. On the rare, sunny, 55 degree days we have in January, I appreciate it more because I’ve experienced 3 degree cycling.

I say all that to say, I’m really tired of winter now… please go away. I don’t ever remember previous winters grating on me so.

Copenhagen February Traffic - Cycling in Winter in Copenhagen
Copenhagen February Traffic – Cycling in Winter in Copenhagen via 16nine
I posted the xkcd comic to my social media earlier in the week but I loved it so much, I wanted to include it here too.
  • I started my other sleeve.
  • I’m biking Saturday; probably over into East Nashville.

Friday bike and thangs for 01/17/2013

Hi. Can I please do this with my bike friends? I think my tribe is in Portland (OR, not TN).

Adventures come in all sizes. If there is one thing I love about Portland, it is fairly easy to gather a group of like-minded folks to follow your folly. The #SunRiseCofffee Club gets together sporadically during the week (always before sunrise though) at random locations in the city to make coffee. Simple concept and great fun. Inspired by Ocean Air Cycles #coffeeoutside concept.

  • I toured some Nashville Civil War sites via bike. It was cool.
  • I’m planning to hike on Saturday. You should join me.

Friday bike and thangs for 01/10/2013

Ellen Page and her bike. Love the shoes.
Ellen Page and her bike. Love the shoes.
  • I rode my bike to work on Tuesday and it was 3 degrees. Brrrr.
  • I felt pretty wore down Wednesday evening after riding home. I really wonder if I’m getting enough calories.
  • I did pretty well on my eating this week so yay? I think I figured out that I’m a flexitarian. I can eat mostly vegetarian tho I do love some eggs and also the occasional cheeseburger. 😐
  • There are some public meetings next week about The Amp; you should go.