In Beijing, the New IPhone Gets a Resounding ‘Meh’

I actually agree with this: One employee of China Telecom (CHA), which has a partnership with Apple, declined to give her name but offered a theory on Apple’s diminished mystique in China. She says Steve Jobs was revered in China as a creative miracle. Now, she says, Apple is just an ordinary company controlled by […]

Boston Marathon: What if all personnel had gps enabled, personal dvrs?

In the wake of the bombings at the Boston Marathon I’ve been listening to the radio and reading about the bombings. One of the early reports described how one of the bombs was pretty close to a security guard who was scanning the crowd. If the bomber didn’t look suspicious  then there’s no reason for the […]

Why I’m an iPhone Fanboy

I’m an Apple fanboy. I love their products and their philosophy about user experience. Recently, I’ve engaged in a couple of unsatisfactory conversations with my friends about why I prefer Apple products. It’s also not too uncommon to get some smug comments from Android users. Hey, I get it…  Apple fanboys are pretty smug and annoying […]