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Re: NFL owners approve new national anthem policy

“We want people to be respectful of the national anthem,” commissioner Roger Goodell said. “We want people to stand — that’s all personnel — and make sure they treat this moment in a respectful fashion. That’s something we think we owe. [But] we were also very sensitive to give players choices.”

Ugh… I love my Titans man but this reallllllly makes me want to stop watching football. It seems most of the fans are mouth breathing troglodytes who don’t really understand the first amendment.

Source: NFL owners approve new national anthem policy

Cutler, Mariota nor Jameis is the answer for the Titans

I would be so surprised to see the Titans pick Mariota or Winston. Neither fit into Whisenhunt’s offensive system. Can the national media that knows nothing about Whiz or the Titans please stop suggesting this?

I’d rather the Titans just burn a huge pile of cash in a dumpster than try to trade for Cutler or draft either of these two QB’s.

It’s no sure thing, but why not draft a rookie superstar with huge upside — Marcus Mariota or Jameis Winston — and package him with Cutler 2.0 aka, Mettenberger and go to battle in 2014?

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Titans vs Colts

Yes the Titans are bad and we're in the lame duck phase of our season but I'm still looking forward to today's game vs the Colts. I'm hoping to see the offense look better under new coordinator Dowell Loggains and assistant Tom Moore. I've tempered my expectations so just an incremental improvement would be great. The offense doesn't have to look like the Manning Colts but hopefully we won't seem completely outclassed and out of sync like last week. Hopefully we can get the run game going and WR's won't drop passes that hit them in the hands.

My brother has influenced my thinking on the Titans defense in that I don't think it's as bad as I initially thought. I'm open to being influenced on this but I feel that the defense has been better that past few weeks and it's the offense that's really the problem. I still don't have a good feel for what Grey tries to do on defense. At least with Fishers defense I knew that the defensive line was pinning it's ears back and coming for the QB. I actually think that philosophy makes a lot of sense in this day and age of passing offenses. The defensive line in this defense doesn't make a lot of plays. I'm not sure if that's by design insofar as that they're just supposed to stay in their lanes and fill gaps. The philosophy for the secondary seems to be just keeping people in front of them as it's rare to see our DB's making a play other than tackling people after the catch. Again, maybe that's by design and maybe Grey doesn't have the talent he wants (who does?).

I'm expecting this game to be more competitive than last week. Here are my keys for success for the Titans:

  • WR's have to catch balls that hit them in the hands. Never mind making any sort of extraordinary plays afterwards. If they just catch the ball and fall down before they fumble or injury themselves, that would be an improvement over what we've seen lately.
  • CJ has to have a good game. Get him going early and often IMO. I don't think CJ is worth what we've paid him but he's still a weapon and we have to keep teams honest. If they put 8 in the box to stop CJ that should give Lock more passing opportunities.
  • Locker has to continue to try to make plays but he shouldn't force things, especially early. I realize that's a tricky line to walk but all of the deflected passes last week in the 1st half was pretty frustrating for me so I'm sure it was frustrating for him.
  • The patchwork offensive line has to give Jack enough time. I expect more rollouts and quick passes. Maybe the Titans can figure out how to run a screen too?

Life is Meaningless…

By Bruce A Stockwell
By Bruce A Stockwell

… and full of pain.

The Titans were embarrassed by the Bears on Sunday 51-20 but it wasn’t even that close. I struggle with trying to figure out what exactly is wrong with our team and who’s to blame. I’m just a layman, watching it on TV.

Paul Kuharsky reported:

Rookie receiver Kendall Wright said he thought he was responsible for at least one of the calls.

“It hurt the team a lot,” he said. “But what I did at practice all week, I thought I was on the ball. I screwed it up. It’s my fault all the way.”

He thought he was on the ball all week, but he was supposed to be off the ball and no one spotted it or corrected it until the officiating crew got a look on Sunday? Sorry, but that is some major evidence in a case against the people running things for this team right now.

Ouch. WTF coaches?


Jordan Babineaux was the one Titans player I talked to who didn’t offer an immediate defense of the coaches and the plan.

“You got any questions, you’ve got to ask the defensive coordinator,” he said, referring to Jerry Gray.

I asked about the blocked punt, where he was lined up as the personal protector, but where he didn’t offer protection, running to the right and cutting out of the backfield entirely. He said I’d need to ask the special-teams coach, Alan Lowry.

Babs is saying he did exactly what the game plan called for… double ouch.

But then you read something like this (also from Paul’s article):

Titans coaches warned players all week about how Charles Tillmanstrips the ball, offering specifics of his techniques.

Then four Titans went out and got stripped by the Bears cornerback, including Kenny Britton the game’s first play from scrimmage.

What does that say about the quality of players on Tennessee’s roster and their ability to absorb and execute a coaching message?

If the players are being coached on something but they’re not getting it… what the hell is the coach supposed to do?

It sucks that Munchak is having to experience this adversity but it seems to me that he’s not an effective coach right now. He and his staff are either not coaching them correctly or the players aren’t listening. If he’s lost his team… that’s not good. So I hope Munchak gets it all figured out.

On The Tennessee Titans


After 2 weeks, it’s pretty obvious that the Titans are a pretty bad team. We have some talent on offense but that hasn’t translated to points. CJ continues to have problems running the ball. It’s not obvious to me from watching the games if the problem is with CJ’s effort/ability, our offensive line or coaching schemes and play calling. I love Jake Locker but I just don’t ever see him being a franchise pocket passer QB. I hope he proves me wrong but I think problems with his accuracy will mean he can be a pretty good QB but he’ll never be a Brady, Manning, Rogers or even a Luck. It’s obvious that our offense is tooling up to be a pass first team. But with Locker’s accuracy issues, I’m not sure that’s going to be as successful as everybody hopes. Combine that with our inability to run the ball and you have teams teeing off on Locker.

Our defense is terrible and I have no idea what the problem is. I’ve read some articles this past week and the players are talking the way they talked when we were having such problems on defense when Chuck Cecil was defensive coordinator. My brother, who I respect quite a bit as a football mind, sings the praises of Jerry Gray but I just get the feeling there is something seriously wrong with Gray’s plans or ideas. I’m not sure if we just don’t have personnel to run Gray’s scheme or if our personnel are just not executing it. With either scenario, Gray has to adjust his game plan to match the people he has on the field and right now that whole unit is failing utterly.

We have no where to go but up and I’ve resigned myself to a terrible season and looking forward to small victories… like maybe CJ will get over 30 yards in a game or maybe the Titans defense can hold a team under 30; baby steps.