Almost clipped in a roundabout – who’s fault?

Yesterday afternoon 10/4/2014) I was negotiating the roundabout at the top of Demonbreun when a car came dangerously close to me.

As the car is approaching from the left, it’s taking the inside lane and I assumed the driver was going to travel farther along in the round about before exiting so I pulled out into the outside lane as I was only going a short distance. The driver then exists the roundabout directly in front of me, coming pretty close.

Check out the video below and let me know what you think. Was I at fault for pulling out and assuming the driver was going to exit later or should the driver watch for vehicles in the outside lane?

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4 thoughts on “Almost clipped in a roundabout – who’s fault?

  1. By exiting from the inside lane the driver performed an illegal maneuver, as I understand it. That roundabout is too bloody narrow anyway, most drivers seem to consider it to be single laned even though it’s not marked that way.

    1. if you were a car the driver would have been at fault and since you are under the same rules of the road that cars are under that driver was at fault.he turn right from the left lane that is an illegal turn.

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