1. sallaboutme
    · Reply

    You’re brave! Try using Toasti-Toes or disposable hand warmers for your feet too! I’ve used them and they help. Won’t keep you from entirely freezing, but a little extra warmth!

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  3. G.E.
    · Reply

    I give you props for venturing out in 3 degree weather! Even bundled, it can still feel amazingly cold, but at least you were smiling, so it must’ve been at least a bit of fun. :O)

  4. Dottie
    · Reply

    Great motivational story! I have a serious problem with freezing cold fingers and toes, and I’ve gotten the same advice about my core not being warm enough, but at times my torso has been sweating from so many layers, while my toes and fingers continue to freeze. The only solution for me is using heating packs in my mittens and boots. I buy them in bulk on Amazon and use them nearly every day in the winter.

    Bike on!

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