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  1. Michael Click
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    Hey Man, I read your full write-up of your Natchez Trace trip since I plan on riding that this fall, then wandered over here since I completed this ride back in 2015. I did my GAP-C&O ride in late May 2014 and trust me when I tell you that I COMPLETELY relate to the conditions you experienced. I went the other direction…living in Central VA I rented a car from Richmond to Pittsburgh, then rode all the way back to Richmond. Those 11 days are very bittersweet in my memory, as the first 3 days were on the GAP (fantastic trail) and the weather was positively magnificent. Once I got to Cumberland, things took a turn and a massive weather system moved in and descended on the Potomac River Valley for 5 consecutive days. I rode in rain through mud for 4 straight days, and it really never let up. The towpath was a soupy mess and it was hard to muster the motivation to keep rolling. If I’d experienced an injury as you did, there is no way I would have continued. It took every ounce of inspiration I could draw upon to forge ahead as it was. If you ever do decide to tackle these trails again, perhaps start in Pitt and roll the GAP for the first few days. It has a crushed limestone surface and it one of the better rails to trails I’ve ridden. Keep rolling, and thanks for sharing your stories. ~Michael

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