I rode the Music City Bikeway

The Music City Bikeway starts close to our apartment and I’m a little surprised that it never occurred to me to ride the whole thing end to end. It’s a 26 mile bikeway that’s part bike lane, sharrowed road and greenway that travels east/west across Nashville. I followed the greenway exactly from West Nashville to Percy Priest Dam but picked my own route back home.

The description from the web site says the bikeway starts at Percy Warner Park, at the Deep Well entrance on highway 100. I wasn’t sure which entrance was the Deep Well entrance so I ended up going 4 miles extra in order to make sure I was starting at the right place.

Music city bikeway.
This is the westernmost Music City Bikeway sign

I was expecting to see a trail head type sign saying “Music City Bikeway starts here” but I had to settle for the first Music City  Bikeway sign.

I’m a pretty horrible photo journalist and spent all my time riding my bike and enjoying the ride instead of stopping to take pictures so I only have a few photos to show.

The Music City Marathon was happening on the same day that I was doing this ride. I was a little worried about being able to cut across the route but I had no problems doing so. I even had to ride with some of runners for a section leading over to Shelby Bottoms to get on the greenway proper.

Once on the greenway, the ride was smooth and nothing unexpected happened. It was a nice day and lots of people were out so that at least kept it somewhat interesting.

Music city bikeway.
Percy Priest Dam – the easternmost point of the Music City Bikeway.
Music city bikeway.
The easternmost Music City Bikeway sign.
Music city bikeway.
A large school of carp

The ride back was completely uneventful and the greenway only sections were even a little boring IMO; I much prefer riding in the city with traffic. I stopped at Jack In The Box for a late lunch then trudged my way back home.

I had a great sense of accomplishment and overall, I’m glad I did the ride.

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