Nashville cyclist in critical condition after being hit by car

Damn. This is a little scary because I ride on this same section of road on a daily basis… in fact I navigate this exact same intersection, turning the exact same way, during the same time of the day.

Here is the map of where the accident happened. The cyclist was turning onto Belmont from Woodmont and was coming from the Hillsboro Pike direction. It looks like he was hit from behind while waiting to turn. It’s hard for me not to assume that the driver was distracted driving as opposed to the cyclist doing something inappropriate like filtering¬† through too tight of a spot for instance. I’m upgrading my rear light to a DiNotte 400R as soon as possible. My hope is that the very bright red light can catch the attention of somebody looking at their phone.

Here is a video I made a couple weeks of the same section but traveling in the opposite direction. Somebody on Twitter asked why don’t I alter my route a bit to avoid this section and I’m going to see what I can come up with. The thing that gets me is that this is an obvious link between two sections of roads with bike lanes.

Note, there’s music on the clip so turn your speakers down if needed.



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