1. Tommy
    · Reply

    So will you stay at designated campgrounds in your tent every night or just wherever?

  2. David Byrge
    · Reply

    Awesome man! You going to video tape your trip?

    • Michael Harley
      · Reply

      Planning to take the gopro but I’ll only take clips. I don’t have enough battery, disk or will power to edit all that video for the full trip.

  3. ejself
    · Reply

    Wow that’s a lot of miles in one week dang. In line with David’s comment you should definitely video

  4. Mark DeMonbreun
    · Reply

    Not sure how forested the Trace is, but even if you have good exposure for the solar charger, I would consider the Anker Astro Pro E5 (15,000 mAh). It can charge an iPhone seven full times and it weighs just under 1lb. They are about $50 on Amazon as of a few months ago so maybe cheaper now. Or you can borrow mine if you like, I have two.

    Mark D

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