Cycling The Natchez Trace: Planning

I’ve decided to ride my bike for the entire length of the Natchez Trace (444 miles) from Natchez, MS to Nashville, TN. I’ll do this ride as a self supported ride, camping along the way.

The tentative plan is for Jen and I to load up and drive my bike and equipment to Natchez, MS on October 24th. We’ll spend the night, get up and explore a little and I’ll head out on my bike mid/late morning.

Here is my tentative mileage plan.

  1. Saturday – 54.8 miles to Rocky Springs
  2. Sunday – 68.9 miles to Ratliff Ferry
  3. Monday – 70 miles to Jeff Busby
  4. Tuesday – 73 miles to Natchez Trace HQ (Tupelo, MS)
  5. Wednesday – 67 miles to Colbert Ferry
  6. Thursday – 62 miles to Meriwether Lewis
  7. Friday – 61 miles northern terminus

Expect a proper gear post soon but I still need to requisition a few important things.

  • Ortlieb Panniers (back roller, front roller plus and handle bar bag with map case!)
  • Tent
  • Solar charger
  • Bike computer


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6 thoughts on “Cycling The Natchez Trace: Planning

    1. Planning to take the gopro but I’ll only take clips. I don’t have enough battery, disk or will power to edit all that video for the full trip.

  1. Not sure how forested the Trace is, but even if you have good exposure for the solar charger, I would consider the Anker Astro Pro E5 (15,000 mAh). It can charge an iPhone seven full times and it weighs just under 1lb. They are about $50 on Amazon as of a few months ago so maybe cheaper now. Or you can borrow mine if you like, I have two.

    Mark D

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