Somebody threw something at me on my commute today

On my ride home today, some kids in a Ford Escape threw a little ball thing at me. As I sit here on the sofa, it doesn’t seem so serious but in the moment, it first scared me a little because I didn’t know what they threw or what their intentions were. Are they going to wait for me up the road and try again? Maybe with something more substantial than a rubber ball? If they’d hit me, I could have swerved and crashed my bike.

After about 2 seconds of being scared, I got really pissed and it’s good for them and for me that they didn’t get caught in traffic because I know for a fact, I would have confronted them.

I’m going to file a policy report thing via the Nashville Metro web site and see what happens.

The real bummer is that the plates aren’t clear and I didn’t call them out for the camera audio. Lesson learned.

The vehicle is a late-model, silver Ford Escape. From my recollection, they had a vanity plate on the vehicle, something to the effect of N A T E or N O A H. Pretty sure it started with N. How many silver Ford Escape with a vanity plate starting with N can there be in Nashville? There was also a Vandy sticker on the driver side, back glass.

My impression of the vehicle occupants is that they were late teens/early twenties.

The incident happened on Gale Ave, just after turning from 8th/Franklin just in front of the Kroger shopping center.

Here’s the video.

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