1. Glen
    · Reply

    I think Betsy has a general axe to grind with Fox, and she degrades the women they do have on because of the style of dress they decide to have.

    However, my thinking on the general issue of how men react to women who dress sexy is that we call ourselves ‘human beings’ as if this implies we are better than acting like animals, when the truth is that we are just animals. Perhaps we are slightly more advanced than other animals on the planet in our cognitive abilities, but we are crude and direct by GENETIC DESIGN.

    In the wild, a female baboon will walk around with her swollen sex organs to advertise the fact that she is ready to mate. Similarly, studies show that human females have higher levels of estrogen just prior to and during ovulation. This causes things like softer skin, fuller breasts, a stronger libido and greater production of her unique odor, as well as the behavioral tendency to wear more makeup and more revealing clothing (as a result of the libido). Holding such a rigid standard against men’s reaction to these behaviors and developments AS WELL AS towards women who exhibit the correlating behaviors is really infantile. We’ve been out of the jungle for how long now? Not even a blip on the cosmic clock. While I too consider myself a feminist, I think far too many of the generations and iterations of feminism have purposely ignored the facts behind how men and women are made up genetically. We have great brains, but a crude response is NATURAL. Aggressiveness and what we view as “masculinity” are more than just socially constructed excuses — they are a natural response to testosterone and our genes.

  2. Michael Harley
    · Reply

    It’s true that we are but evolved animals but we alone have intellect, reason, logic and the ability to empathize. Understanding our baser instincts is fine but lets not use it as an excuse for bad behavior.

  3. sg
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    Considering that she links to a couple of Media Matters articles which attempt to document Fox News going out of their way to show off women’s bodies for the sake of ratings, Rothstein’s point seems to be something relating to objectification.

    Women who want to show off their bodies should not be punished for it. A corollary is that women who don’t want to shouldn’t be punished for that. If Fox News is showing favoritism to certain women based on their wardrobes, then this has the relative effect of discriminating against women who don’t want to show off their bodies, and generally the choice of who goes on air becomes less about their ideas or ability than it ought to be.

    PS: you may be assuming too much by thinking that Rothstein was making a feminist analysis. Nothing in her article is explicit about this, and while she may be a feminist for all I know, it doesn’t follow that she’s always thinking and speaking from a consciously feminist viewpoint. (I know I don’t always.) I’ve tried to find a feminist reading of her article here, and it wasn’t hard to do, but it’s not obvious that that’s what she had in mind.

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