Blogging about finances

I want to blog about our personal finances. I want to share our journey, struggles, strategies, successes and failures but there is this stigma about talking about finances that stays my hand. In my mind, all of my friends and family are financial geniuses who live on half their income are debt free and have $50k saved. I’m none of those things but I want to be. The wife isn’t terribly excited about the idea but I think I can do it in such a way that still masks the bits that need to be masked.

So anyway, what do you think? Is talking about finances taboo?

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1 thought on “Blogging about finances

  1. I think it’s only taboo when you have pretentious friends and care what they think about you (which I do not), and when you’re talking about your good fortune to those types of people who have not been fortunate (or have had severe misfortune, perhaps through no fault of their own).

    If talking about it helps you through your journey to where you want to be financially, why not?

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