30 Day Fitness Challenge, First Check-in

My daughter Jessie, my friend David and myself are doing a fitness challenge. This is the first check in.

Jess/Dave, please comment on this post with your updates.

  • Myfitnesspal – I was only over my calorie goal Sunday by 430 calories. Stupid baby shower and their stupid cup cakes. So, I was only over my calorie goal 1 day.
  • Distance – 22 miles.
  • Weight Loss % – 1.76%
    This is the formula I used: [new weight]/[old weight] * 100 – 100.

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1 thought on “30 Day Fitness Challenge, First Check-in

  1. Myfitnesspal- I went over 2 days. Though i wouldn’t have Monday if I had known I was cheating myself on the calories I was burning on runkeeper because I wasn’t calculating elevation. I had a lot of beer Friday >:/
    Distance – 5.8 miles. I know.
    Weight loss percentage – 0.82%.

    There’s still 3 weeks left, my little… Haha

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