30 Day Fitness Challenge, Second Check-in

My daughter Jessie, my friend David and myself are doing a fitness challenge. This is the second check in.

Jess/Dave, please comment on this post with your updates.

  • Myfitnesspal – I was over my calorie goal Friday, Saturday & Sunday which brings me to being over my calorie goal 4 out of 14 days.
  • Distance – 6.6 miles for a total of 28.6 miles
  • Weight Loss % – Bleh, the weekend binge means I gained a couple pounds so I’m 1.5% down overall.
    This is the formula I used: [new weight]/[old weight] * 100 – 100.

Had a pretty bad weekend from a fitness perspective. I’m determined to do better this week.

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1 thought on “30 Day Fitness Challenge, Second Check-in

  1. 2nd week:
    Myfitnesspal- over 2 days.
    Distance- 3.09 miles
    Weight loss percentage- I forgot to weigh in :/

    3rd week:
    Myfitnesspal- over 2 days
    Distance- 6.77 miles
    Weight loss percentage-2.01%

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