1. Andrew
    · Reply

    I am one of the Gaia devs. One thing you might do is export your tracks as GPX, which can be imported into tools such a Google Earth. Nearly all programs that work with geo-data to display graphs and stats will take a GPX upload.

    Also, we are currently testing a cloud sync feature to let you sync your data among devices, and back it up to our server. Once we’re happy with how that works, we’ll also put a web front end on, so you can look a your data and share it with other services.

    Send us an email at support@gaiagps.com if you have any questions or comments on the app!

    • Michael Harley
      · Reply

      Thanks for the comment Andrew. As I said in my post, it’s the best hiking app I’ve used to date… I just wish it had more of a backend like RunKeeper. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing your improvements.

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