Hiking Lake Radnor

I finally made it out to Lake Radnor yesterday. I was expecting a popular, busy trail and that’s pretty much what I got. Since I planned to bike down to Mardi Gras Y’all in Nashville, I decided on the short option for the hike so it was only 3.77 miles according to RunKeeper.

Overall, the hike was easy because of the short distance. I was using it as a training hike so I had all my hiking gear… backpack, trekking poles etc and everybody else is just walking around in normal clothes and that made me feel out of place.

I’m trying not to be a hiking snob but “hiking” means something different to people here in Nashville than it does to me. Having easy access to all of the great hiking in East Tennessee while living in Crossville is something that’s shaped my definition of “hiking”. Hiking isn’t just walking in the woods on a trail; that’s fitness walking in the woods. For me, I want to feel like I’m going somewhere that would cause me to actually need the gear in my bag. If I see other people, they’ll be other intrepid adventurers like me, not a group of Japanese tourists in street clothes (and yes, that actually happened).

It is a nice place to visit and I’m positive I’ll go back to get my training miles in when I want something close. Below are all the media things.

Radnor Lake Hike

Radnor Lake
The trail!


Radnor Lake
Moar trail!


Radnor Lake
My expert woodcraft skills indicate there are beaver in the area.


Radnor Lake
The lake!


Radnor Lake


Radnor Lake


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