Best weekend in a while…

I had a shitty week last week. It was a combination of not cycling, the amount of darkness in the 24 hour period this time of year and trying to share a car between two working adults.

Had an off week and this is what I'm doing about it.
My Friday night

Friday night, Jen worked late so I just sat on the sofa, drank alcohol and played on the Internet. It might sound pathetic but it was actually pretty enjoyable.

Saturday I was out and about on the bike. Coffee at a very crowded Red Bicycle coffee shop followed by hanging out at the bike shop and a long lunch and great discussions with the Green Fleet guys filled most of my day. After that, we rode over to watch the cannons go boom!

We then spent the rest of the evening up in Kentu… err, Hendersonville with a large group of our friends; dranking and werewolf and such. It was truly a great time.

Sunday, my brother and I tailgated with Lucy before the Titans-Jets game. I hadn’t planned on getting drunk but Lucy’s kung fu is strong. After shotgun beer lessons and moonshine lime shots, we walked over and enjoyed the game from the excellent execute suite – I won tickets from work. They had free food, drinks and alcohol. I clutched my ticket like a shield every moment in case somebody tried to kick us out because I felt so out of place. #lowclass

I've had worse seats
First series… look at the packed stadium!
I locked my bike to this but didn't notice the sign until after. Oops.
I locked my bike to this but didn’t notice the sign until after. Oops.

I had to leave right at the end of the 3rd qtr because I needed to fix the flat on my bike then bike 20 minutes to Jen’s work for the ride home because we had to get ready for her work Christmas party!

More convo, drinks and food! I think our table was the coolest as we had the lesbians and the guy with the bolo tie.

My great weekend helped me forget about my shitty week. Moar weekends like that please but I need to rest for a while first.

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