Birthdays, ice storms and power outages oh my

Today is mom’s birthday. My plan to go spend the weekend in Crossville, visiting mom and hanging out with Jessie and friends didn’t exactly work out as I’d hoped.

Pretty sure I'm going to die in Crossville.
This is us tromping down to Mom’s house.


There was a pretty massive ice storm that rolled into Crossville Friday night. As we slept, everything got coated in a thick coat of ice. Power was out in a lot of the county (including my brother’s, where I was staying).

We walked over to Mom’s first thing Saturday morning and she made us some food. I have to say, she made me the best fried egg and bologna sandwich I’ve ever had.

What was supposed to be a weekend visit turned into a half day visit which we topped off with lunch at Waffle House.

Happy Birthday Mom. Hopefully there won’t be an ice storm next year on your birthday.

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