1. Jason Cravens
    · Reply

    Nice work man, seems a visual list would work to keep you on track. Hope you make your deadline and if you need an adventurer for the outdoor tasks, let me know.

  2. Michael Harley
    · Reply

    Thanks and I will certainly be calling on ya!

  3. David Byrge
    · Reply

    Great list man. I have to tell you that it’s motivating to see a list like that. 30’s have been a real eye opener for me as far as mortality goes and we only get so many years of life. Your list has many items that will now go on my own 40 at 40 list. Thanks for posting!

  4. Michael Harley
    · Reply

    I don’t mean to put any pressure on ya or anything but if you want to do a few together, I’d be open to that.

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  6. Kelly
    · Reply

    Holy crap run an 8minute mile? Dude, you’re gonna smoke me!
    When triathlon season is over, I’d love to come up sometime and do some of the hiking with you guys and help you knock out some of those!
    I’ll also go to a shooting range with you. There’s one in Nashville that’s Ladies day/night on Fridays. I need to get more practice. Don’t have a gun, but I’ve got a permit (weird I know, I’ll tell you the story sometime).
    And hit me up for the Symphony. I love to go and usually get tickets in the fall.

    • Michael Harley
      · Reply

      Holy crap run an 8minute mile? Dude, you’re gonna smoke me!

      Hah nah, don’t think so. I just mean a timed one mile. You run that during a 20 mile race or something!

      We’d love to have you on the hikes. It’s one of my favorite things to do. Also, don’t be surprised if I hit you up on the gun range and Symphony. 😉

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