Two week fitness challenge!

So, jharleyxo and I have decided to have a fitness challenge for the next two weeks. The challenge consists of 3 main parts.

First, we will be using myfitnesspal to see who can come the closest to their daily calorie goal as calculated by myfitnesspal. If we both go over, the one closest is declared the winner for that day. The person with the most days is declared the overall winner in this category. Each of us must configure myfitnesspal to post to twitter when we’ve completed our daily log.

Second, will be using Runkeeper to see who can log the most mileage in walking/running during our challenge. The person with the overall most mileage is declared the winner of this category.

Finally, we will be having a weight loss challenge to see who can lose the most weight. We’ll be using our Withings scale for the weigh-ins. The person who loses the most weight as a percentage of their body weight is declared winner.

Try not to laugh too hard at jharleyxo when I dominate all 3 categories guys. 😉

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3 thoughts on “Two week fitness challenge!

  1. In regards to the first part, the goal is to come closest to the caloric goal. So coming in way under really doesn’t help, you have to try and hit your target calories allowed each day? So if you are allowed 1,000, you walk 8 miles, and burn 600 calories, brings you to 400 so you need to eat 600 to hit right on your target and win the challenge?

  2. Honestly, we hadn’t really thought about that aspect of it as I assumed that we’d both struggle to be under our goal not that we’d struggle to reach our calorie goal. We don’t to penalize exercise but we don’t want to starve ourselves either!

    So uhm… I’m not sure! I guess we’ll just cross that bridge when we get there.

  3. It’s like Price Is Right rules for the calories. It’s tough to be super under.. but closest w/out going over may penalize exercise.. then again, you both will be exercising anyway to try to get the mileage in. I think it’s a good competition all 3 ways. I’m not competing but you guys are going to make me look bad so I’m going to start doing MFP tomorrow with my Train buddies to keep accountable 😛

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