Healthy Eating: Salad Jars

I originally heard about this idea from a friend who pointed me to this. The idea is that you can make yourself a relatively fresh salad but you can make enough for a few days so that you can just grab it on the way out the door. I’ve resumed using these in my weekly cook up for part of my lunches.

I usually have vegetable barley soup with the salad and it makes for a pretty hearty lunch plus it’s vegan. Pictures below. I’m really interested in learning what others are doing for easy lunches (bonus points for also being frugal).

All the stuff!
Here are the ingredients. I try to use organic as much as possible.
Nutritional stats
Nutritional stats
I add walnuts for more calories when I'm biking into work.
I add walnuts for more calories when I’m biking into work.


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