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    Christmas has always been a religious holiday for my family. We had a Christmas pageant at church and sang of the birth of our Savior and listened to the Christmas story as one of our pastors read it with great emphasis from the bible. As I grew, married and had children, Christmas was still about the birth of a Savior sent to die. We still shared the story from the bible with our children, but sadly were gone the Christmas pageants and enter stage left graded Christmas concerts. Sure they still sang of the birth of Jesus Christ, but the visualization was gone. Now, as my children have grown and left the nest and we are grandparents, I can’t speak of my children’s homes. I do know that they still believe with all of their hearts, but I still make sure that my grandchildren hear the excitement of the Christmas story directly from the bible, the way their parents did, the way their grandparents did.

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