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I read that a Judge ordered that the construction on the Murfressboro mosque has to stop because of a technicality on the approval process. I’m no friend of religion or Islam and I think that our society would be better off without either but I just can’t believe how little respect for the basic ideas of our country the opponents of the mosque seem to have.


I thought that it was well understood by everybody in our country that we have freedom of religion. That means any religion, not just picking a flavor of Christianity. Apparently the mosque opponents thought of that!

Mosque opponents have fought construction for two years, arguing that Islam is not a real religion deserving First Amendment protections and that the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro has terrorist ties.

What constitutes a real religion? Why is Islam disqualified while the opponent’s version of Christianity approved?

I’d bet $20 that the same people who have their panties in a wad over the mosque are also the same people hiding behind their “it’s my religion” shield when they discriminate against women, allow their children to die, deny women contraceptives and deny people marriage equality.

The scarey part is that it’s not just the dumb rednecks but also politians:


Although, maybe Lou Ann Zelenik is just a dumb redneck.

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  1. That is really sad — the only caveat in my mind being that citizens who love and value the constitution should be vigilant against incursions of Sharia law elements into our judicial system and legislatures.

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